Gaia Hills

270 High-end flats with views of the river and the historic centre of Porto


Saraiva & Associados





Start of works

2022 1st phase (10,000m²) end of 2025


30.000 sqm built in 2 phases

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Gaia Hills

    Promiris has acquired "Gaia Hills" opposite downtown Porto, a site with an area of ​​51,190m² with a development potential of 31,800m² as approved by the City Hall in June 2019 in a subdivision plan. The site comprises 5 distinct lots of 12.900 m², 11.660 m², 5.930 m², and 1.310 m² respectively, which are buildable, and a significant green area of 26.000 m².

    This exceptional site, located on the banks of the Douro River with a direct and spectacular view of the old town of Porto at the height of the Palácio de Cristal, will allow the development of nearly 270 housing units in different phases.

    The development underwent an architecture competition won by the Saraiva & Associados firm.

    The development will be carried out in partnership with the Thomas & Piron group, and the Portuguese real estate promotion group Silcoge, the seller of the land, which will remain associated with the project through a minority stake.
    The lots with areas of 5.930 m² and 1.310 m², along the river, will be developed first and permit applications will be finalized in early 2023, with construction commencing by late 2023. Given its exceptional location, the development will receive special attention in terms of environmental standards and building quality. It will benefit from semi-public spaces such as Agora and amphitheater and recreational areas in the green zone. The apartments will feature particularly large terraces.

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