Multi approach

Promiris is a European company active in 3 countries. We create diverse projects that people of all generations enjoy living and working in.



Promiris is a multinational company committed to meeting the needs of its people. From the coast of Portugal to the capital of Europe, via the Iberian Peninsula, we deploy our vision of real estate with the support of our local teams.


Promiris is also a multi-asset property development company. We create dynamic places where people enjoy living and working. We design innovative office buildings as well as environmentally friendly residential projects. From flats optimized for senior citizens to mixed-use projects that combine local shops with quality housing.


Promiris has a unique multigenerational vision. Not only do we care about the specific needs of the elderly, but we also strive to build affordable housing for young people during their studies. Finally, we do not hesitate to include serviced residences in our programmes.

About us

Promiris, established in 2017, is led by three partners with extensive experience in the real estate industry. They oversee all development activities, identifying and transforming investment opportunities into valuable projects.

Their proficiency and professionalism, as well as the support of external teams such as architects, engineers, and contractors, allow them to structure, design, build, and market projects in Portugal, Belgium, and Spain (since 2020).


active in Belgium, Portugal and Spain

180.000 sqm

developed surfaces

€ 400M

total invested amount

20 projects

developed since 2017

“Let's build a more sustainable world together”

- CEDRIC DE LAET, Managing Partner

Our team

Board & Management

<h4><strong>Cyril Wolkonsky</strong></h4>
<h5>President of the Board</h5>

Cyril Wolkonsky

President of the Board
<h4><strong>Christian Terlinden</strong></h4>
<h5>Managing Partner</h5>

"Our focus is to create consistent shareholder value"

Christian Terlinden

Managing Partner
<h4><strong>Cedric De Laet</strong></h4>
<h5>Managing Partner</h5>

"Let's build a more sustainable world together"

Cedric De Laet

Managing Partner
<h4><strong>Quentin Bernard</strong></h4>
<h5>Managing Partner</h5>

"Proud of our international team of real estate professionals"

Quentin Bernard

Managing Partner

Team Belgium

<h4><strong>Adrien Meeùs</strong></h4>
<h5>Project Manager</h5>

"I love it when a plan comes together"

Adrien Meeùs

Project Manager
<h4><strong>Aurore Orbant</strong></h4>
<h5>Office & Sales Manager</h5>

"I'm happy when our clients are"

Aurore Orbant

Office & Sales Manager
<h4><strong>Benoit Hoyas</strong></h4>
<h5>Senior Project Developer</h5>

"Whatever good things we build end up building us"

Benoit Hoyas

Senior Project Developer
<h4><strong>Alain Harckmans</strong></h4>
<h5>Project Manager</h5>

"Love to build a better future for every generation”

Alain Harckmans

Project Manager
<h4><strong>Pen Crane</strong></h4>
<h5>Accounting Manager</h5>

"Work at Promiris is precise, up to the last digit"

Pen Crane

Accounting Manager

Team Portugal

<h4><strong>Lourenço Van Innis</strong></h4>
<h5>Project Manager</h5>

Lourenço Van Innis

Project Manager
<h4><strong>Carlos Marnoto</strong></h4>
<h5>Project Manager</h5>

Carlos Marnoto

Project Manager
<h4><strong>Carla Lima</strong></h4>
<h5>Office Manager</h5>

Carla Lima

Office Manager
<h4><strong>Marilia Lopes</strong></h4>
<h5>Asset Manager</h5>

Marilia Lopes

Asset Manager

Team Spain

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